Create Journal Pages About Roses and February


In very light pencil, draw the rose header on the right.  Don’t shade or color anything in yet.  Just draw the outline.  We’ll  color and shade this next week.

Write the following quote between the word Roses and the bottom graphic:

“A single rose can be my garden…a single friend my world.” – Leo Buscaglia

Beneath the quote, say in your own words what this quote means.

On the opposite page, the left side, draw the following word at the top of the page.


On this page, you will begin placing your daily observations.

First write the day’s date, then say something that you noticed that day.  Some of your observations can be simple–just a few words.  At least once a week, write a very detailed, very descriptive observation.  The following are examples of Edith Holden’s entries:

Feb. 1. Dull day with slight drizzle of rain in the morning but bright and mild in the afternoon.

2. Candlemas day. Wild and stormy.

3. It says in today’s Chronicle that at Dover a Blackbird’s nest with two eggs has been found at Edenbridge a Hedge-sparrow with four eggs and at Elmstead, a robin’s with five eggs.

7.  Picked some Dog’s Mercury in flowers, This is the first to blossom of all the wild herbaceous plants, Daisies and Groundsel excepted.

8,  There was a thunder-storm today, with showers of rain, hail and sleet.

9,  Snow-storm in the night, this morning we looked out on a white landscape, this is the first deep snow we have had this winter.  i swept a space free on the lawn and strewed it with bread and rice:  Crowds of birds came.  I counted eight Tits at one time on the cocoa-nut and the tripod of sticks supporting it.  There were some terrible battles among the Tits this morning.  One tiny Blue-cap took possession of the cocoa-nut sitting down in the middle of it and bidding defiance to all the others.  It was very funny to see him squatting in the shell, sparring and hissing at a Great Tit who came at him with open wings and beak.  There was a partial eclipse of the moon visible this morning at 5:57 a.m.  At 8 oclock in the evening there was a beautiful rainbow-coloured halo round the moon, unusually bright and distinct.

10. Rain and wind from the South-west; rapid thaw

12. I visited the violet wood again today, the Lords and Ladies are quite up above the ground now, and the Violet roots are sending up little green trumpets of new leaves.  The ground in the wood is covered with tiny seedlings of the Moschatel.  I gathered some Gorse blossom on my way home.  The Elm trees are just breaking into blossom, and the Willows are showing their downy white catkins–very small as yet.

13.  Snowing all day.

14.  Saint Valentine’s Day. Sharp frost and bright sunshine.


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