Facts About Roses

File:Rosa rubiginosa 1.jpg

Roses can be single [flat] – meaning that they only have a few petals.File:- Rosebuds -.jpg

When roses first begin to flower, they are in the form of a tightly wound rosebud.  As they mature, the leaves loosen and begin to pull away from the rose.  As this happens, they begin to flatten a bit.  Single roses–roses with very few petal–flatten substantially.

File:Rose Amber Flush 20070601.jpg

Double roses–those with many petals–do not flatten and/or loosen completely.

Many roses are very fragrant.  The fragrances are not always the same.  Some roses have a spicy smell; some roses have a sweet–rosy–smell.

Rose Hips

Once the bloom withers and falls off the stem, rose hips may remain.  Birds love the rose hips. The sizes and shapes of the rose hips vary, according to the type of rose.


File:Praha, Řepy, šípky.jpg

Rose leaves are situated alternately [across from each other], with one leaf at the tip of a leaf group. Their leaves are normally slightly jagged, with at least one vein running down the middle.

File:Rose Prickles.jpg

Roses have thorns.   While some roses have very few, somewhat innocent thorns -others have many thorns.  Some rose have thorns that are quite vicious.


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