How to Draw A Rosebud

  1. Draw a curving line like a backwards ‘s’ this is the backbone of the image. Spend time getting it right until you are happy with it. Below it add a wavy line to give the ‘petal’ impression and to enhance the flow of the curve.
  2. Add a spiral above the backwards ‘s’ joining it mid-point to the backwards ‘s’ to form the flowers central cluster of petals. Add a flick upwards to the left to add another outwardly turned petal.
  3. From the flowers core, add a curved line going up and to the left meeting one third up along the backwards ‘s’ this is the second petal completed. From the base of the backwards ‘s’ add two curves to give shape to your flower.
  4. Add a series of small curved lines from the base of the flower, taper them to points to form the base of the flowers petals. Add small mid point lines to add definition and shape.
  5. Add two small spiked leaves, to do this simply draw an upside down Christmas tree cut off at the base. This contrasts the petals and adds interest to the image
  6. Finally add a long gently curved set of vertical lines, this is the stem, two triangles added along the length form thorns


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