Photographs of and Information About Daffodils or Jonquils

File:Narcissus longispathus.jpg

There are many types of daffodils or jonquils; but the most common variety looks like the one in the above photograph.  Daffodils essentially consist of a trumpet [or cup] that sits in a saucer, which is comprised of 6 petals.

ImageFile:Narcissus pseudonarcissus flower 300303.jpg

The trumpet and/or petals are usually golden yellow or a combination of yellows and whites.  However, there are even cultivars of red and pink daffodils.File:Narcissus medioluteus5.jpg

Some daffodils have a short trumpet; but most have longer trumpets.

Daffodils belong to a common group of flowers by the name of narcissus




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