How to Draw A Simple Rose Design Using A Spiral


Practice making this rose design all sizes–from smaller than a dime to about half as big as a page.  Then add them anywhere that you think that a rose might fit.

A design is generally flat, with no shading.  Although it may be based on a real flower or other object, it is not totally realistic.  Roses have serrated leaves or jagged leaves; They are notched like a row of alligator teeth.  This rose’s leaves are not notched.  There is a bit of a spiral in the center of most roses.  It is caused by the petals being tightly rolled.  The spiral in this design suggests that effect; but it is not totally realistic.


1. Begin by drawing a circle and by placing a horizontal line.  If your circle was a clock, the horizontal line would fall from 9:00 to 3:00


The following images were created by someone else.  The link is at the bottom.  All of the directions were written by Jacki Kellum and are copyrighted.

2.  Now think of your circle as a doughnut.  Draw a spiral shape inside the doughnut hole.  Notice that the center of the spiral is in the middle of the horizontal line; and it rests on that line.  Part of the finished spiral is below the line; but the main details are above the line.



Before you add the petal to the above petal, we’ll mark our clock [circle] at the point where the pointed tip will fall.

Think again of the circle as a clock.  Then notice that the tip of the petal passes through the clock’s face at about 10:00.  Making these types of relative comparisons help us see what is actually there, as opposed to what we might imagine.  rosedesignpetal1b

I also begin to think about what other things that the shape that I am drawing resembles.  As soon as I drew the first petal, I could see a bird’s head and beak looking left and a bit upwards.  The tip of the petal looks like a bird beak to me.  Do you see it?

rosedesignpetal1bbirdbeakheadonlygray Do you see a bird’s head and beak yet?

rosedesignpetal1bbirdbeakgraybody Can you see the bird head if I put a body beneath it?

rosedesignpetal1bbirdbeakcoloredcopyrightNow, I have colored the bird and added feet.

I don’t want you to draw the bird.  I just want you to begin seeing more clearly.

I’ll remove the bird step by step and go back to begin step 4


Now, we are ready to add the second petal. Notice that this petal goes beyond the right side of the rose.   Again, it might help to notice where, relative to a clock, the tip points.

rosedesign3 rosedesignpetal2clockNeither of the first two petals extend to the bottom of the initial circle that you drew. At this point, the rose is wider than it is tall. This will change when we add the next petal at the bottom. After that petal, add a petal to the lower left and add 2 leaves




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