A Letter to the Parents February 20, 2014


No doubt, all of the parents are aware that we are keeping a Nature Journal as part of our art class.  I have created several blogs to feed the kids drawing and writing ideas to help them with their work.  The biggest hindrance in both writing and drawing is an inability to see well.  [By the way, I have masters degrees in both writing and visual art; and I am firmly convinced that building both skills simultaneously builds awareness, intelligence, and technical skill.]

The main workbook site for this project is: http://www.mynaturebook.wordpress.com

I am placing many drawing activities at this site.  There are more than enough activities to allow the kids to have an online art class everyday, if they want.  The kids can complete as many activities as they want.

I would like for each family to purchase two things from Amazon. The cost is steep; but because I am creating a way for the kids to have addtional art classes at home, I hope that you can justify the expense.  Beginning next week, the homework will tell the students to use specific colored pencils.  They will need  access to them both at home and at class.  They will learn exactly which colored pencils can and cannot mix.  Months from now, I’ll translate what they have learned to names of paint colors.

Please go to Amazon and order exactly the followig:

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, 72 Colored Pencils [Be Sure that the Set Has At Least 72 Pencils in it and be sure that it is the Premier Set]


The set must say Premier–not Verithin, not Scholar, etc.  The   pencils will come in a metal tin.  Please put 2 rubber bands around the tin–one should be horizontal and one.  vertical.  Otherwise, the pencils will dump out and chaos will ensue.

Also, please order the following book from Amazon: The Nature Connection by Clare Walker Leslie.


Examples of an excellent Nature Journal can be found at: http://www.edithholden.wordpress.com

Thank you for your continual support.


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