How to Find On This Blog What You Want to Draw


The lesson [viewed on the left] continuously changes–every time that I add something new to the site

The columns on the right are most helpful, when looking for something to draw.  The very top section, Recent Posts, also changes continuously.


If you get confused, you can email me.  My email address is under the map.


If you click on a month in Arichives, you will see all of the posts from that month, working from most recent backwards.  Pull down the scroll bar to see them all.  Image

Categories is the most helpful section.  You can click on any subject in Categories and find all of the posts that I have linked to that topic.  I’ll try to give you at least one assignment in drawing and writing each week.  You will find those under Assignments Category and under the date  I assigned it.  This week’s assignment is to draw at least two leaves of ivy.  You will find the assignment under Assignments, Ivy, or February



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