Lion Drawings

File:Dramatic Lion Drawing.jpgFile:Vintage Lion Drawing.jpg

File:Acrobats and Mountebanks 005.jpg

File:Head of a Lion - Google Art Project.jpg

File:Study of a Lion, Resting - Google Art Project.jpg

File:John Frederick Lewis - Study of a Lion and Study of a Lioness' Head - Google Art Project.jpg

File:King of Beasts.jpg

File:Lion Watercolor.jpgFile:Eugène Delacroix - Lion and Tortoise - Walters 371220.jpg


File:Antoine-Louis Barye - Stalking Lion - Walters 372123.jpg

File:Rembrandt-A-Lion-Lying-Down-207063 detail.jpg


File:Lion anatomy lateral skeleton view.jpg

Albrecht Durer Below

File:Albrecht Dürer - Two seated lions - Google Art Project.jpg


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