Color Orders for Shading with Colored Pencils

These color orders do not apply to all situations; but the following colors often work in the following situations:

For Greens:

915lemongreen 915 Lemon Yellow

1004yellowchartreuse 1004 Yellow Chartreuse

989chartreuse 989 Chartreuse

913springgreen 913 Spring Green

909grassgreen 909 Grass Green

908darkgreen 908 Dark Green

1027peacockblue 1027 Peacock Blue

906copenhagenblue 906 Copenhagen Blue

901indigoblue 901 Indigo Blue

For Purples:

956 Lilac Image

1008 Parma Violet Image

932 Violet Image

1007 Imperial Violet Image

933 Violet Blue  Image

Bright Orangish Reds

916canaryyellow 916 Canary Yellow

917sunburstyellow 917 Sunburst Yellow

1003spanishorange 1003 Spanish Orange

1002yellowedorange 1002 Yellowed Orange

918orange 918 Orange

921palevermillion 921 Pale Vermillion

922poppyred 922 Poppy Red

926carminered 926 Carmine Red

930magenta 930 Magenta

994processred 940 Process Red

995mulbllerry 995 Mulberry



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