Quotes About Daffodils


“Daffodowndilly has come to town, in a yellow petticoat and a green gown.”            Traditional Rhyme

“Daffodils in a green bowl–and let it snow if it will.”  A.A. Milne                                     [Author of Winnie the Pooh]

“A house with daffodils in it is lit up, whether or no the sun be shining outside.” A.A. Milne

“He that has two cakes of bread, let him sell one of them for flowers of the Narcissus,             for bread is food for the body, but Narcissus is food of the soul.”                             Mohammed c. 570-632 AD

“Friendship is a shiny thing, a stady beam of light                                                                           A lantern on a lonely street, a song far in the night                                                                        A smile, a touch of a laying hand, a quiet moment on a hill                                                            And oh, a happy little child bringing home a daffodil.” – Unknown


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