Artists and Writers Use All 5 Senses

all 5 senses

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One of the biggest mistakes in drawing is that of drawing what you “think” something looks like.  Even when we are looking closely and unaware of its trickery, our brains often force our hands to make marks that are not correct drawing.  When drawing the face, we often place the eyes too high because we think that eyes are at the top of our heads.  Eyes are actually near the middle of the face–along the same line as the ears.

File:Adoring Face.jpg

When writing and drawing, the most important rule is to actually look, listen, touch, –fully sense the subject matter.

When writing your daily posts, actually go outside and listen, smell, touch, and view what you are writing about.  Don’t just glance out the wisndow and write what you think is there.

Henry David Thoreau was a very famous Naturalist [someone who studies nature] who wrote wonderful Nature Journals.  He said, “I never go out knowing what I am going to find.  The interest is in finding what I didn’t know I was going to find.”

Reporting these surprise observations of nature is what makes us true artists and true writers–and not just folks who call ourselves that.

Don’t Just Look:  See!


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