How to Draw an Oak Tree Video


simpleyoutubeoak2  Begin by establishing the ground line –NOT on the very bottom of the page and then draw two trunk lines on either side of the middle.  The oak tree is wider and to shade the tree, we’ll preserve the whiteness [lightness] down the middle of the trunk and later, we’ll further darken the outer sides of the trunks.

twig1  Remember that the branches and twigs are essentially just groups of Y’s.


simpleyoutubeoak3  About midway to the top of the page, begin to bring the Y’s [2-sided, like bubble letters] out from the each side and the middle of the trunk.

Some of the branches are behind and thus, the front branches overlap the back ones.

Do not draw each leaf.  Draw fluffy clumps of leaves–almost like small clouds draped on top of various limbs and branches.


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