Tray 1

Arrange the top tray of your set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils from left to right as follows.

927lightpeach 927 Light Peach

939peach 939 Peach

928blushpink 928 Blush Pink

929pink 929 Pink

939white 938 White

914cream 914 Cream

916canaryyellow 916 Canary Yellow

917sunburstyellow 917 Sunburst Yellow

1003spanishorange 1003 Spanish Orange

1002yellowedorange 1002 Yellowed Orange

918orange 918 Orange

921palevermillion 921 Pale Vermillion

922poppyred 922 Poppy Red

926carminered 926 Carmine Red

930magenta 930 Magenta

994processred 940 Process Red

995mulbllerry 995 Mulberry


Crimson Red, Crismson Lake, and Tuscan Red have a bit of black in their mixtures.

924crimsonred 924 Crimson Red

925crimsonlake 925 Crimson Lake

937tuscanred 937 Tuscan Red

944terracotta 944 Terra Cotta

The following are reddish browns:

943burntochre 943 Burnt Ochre

945siennabrown 945 Sienna Brown

946darkbrown 946 Dark Brown


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